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Stories of heroes and heels

The Ugly Backstory of Ben Shapiro’s First Movie ‘Run Hide Fight’
The right-wing pundit’s Daily Wire has partnered with disgraced film producer Dallas Sonnier—who has a history of overlooking on-set abuses—to release a school-shooting movie.
Outcry in Hollywood over Minari's placement in foreign-language category
Golden Globes chooses not to list Lee Isaac Chung’s coming-of-age film in the best drama field, as critics say decision ‘stings’
I Watched ‘Citizen Kane’ for the First Time. Then I Had an Existential Crisis.
Orson Welles’s movie is considered one of the best films ever, but for one journalist, it’s more a sign that as much as things in media change, they stay the same
Tony Todd on the Joy of ‘Candyman,’ and the Role of Black Horror
Frightening movies help fans gain a “new understanding,” says the veteran star of scary stories, including the new “Tales From the Hood 3.”
Why Disney’s new ‘Mulan’ is a scandal
The company's desire to please Beijing means ignoring a genocide.
Why Are There So Few Black Directors in the Criterion Collection?
The prestigious line is coveted by cinephiles and taught in film schools. The company’s president blames his “blind spots” for largely shutting out Black Americans.
Be a hero, not a heel.